Scenarioplanning - social futures

AI health market

AI: Healthcare`s new nervous system 
... Unlike legacy technologies that are only algorithms/ tools that complement a human, health AI today can truly augment human activity.
Growth in the AI health market is expected to reach $6.6 billion by 2021

Biotechnology and long waves

 The human being as a whole 
...  the new medical advances are no longer sufficient to adequately deal with the dynamics and complexity of modern life and its high demands on the physical, emotionnal and mental strength of human beings. 

One of the most important new stakeholders is biotechnology. It is not
just a brand-new technology, it is one of the new basic innovations of the sixth

Entropy and Health 
...  A psychologically healthy person does not cheat. 
A mentally healthy person does not use drugs. ...

Final remarks
We explained that the sixth Kondratieff is a health-related cycle. To achieve a
strong upswing, the health care sector needs to be geared towards the demands
of the 21st century and expanded to the human being as a whole. This means
that for the first time in history, the focus of economic and societal development
is not on a machine, a chemical process or hardware technology, but rather
the human being with his physical, mental, social, ecological and spiritual
needs, problems and potential. 

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